Who We Are

We help awesome startup founders build the foundation, mindset,
and principles for sustainable growth.

Brainsparks is for startups of all shapes and sizes: from idea-stage startups to those that are already looking to take off. We team up with other startup ecosystem players to help companies build solutions that work and scale.

Brainsparks works with startups.

We’re a team composed of forward-minded and courageous thinkers and doers. Believing in the value of global dreams and life-long learning, we’re committed to address challenges by finding real solutions that result in lasting impact.

Meet Our Team

We believe in an open-door policy.

We really want to solve big problems, and we know we can’t do that alone.

That’s why even though we have our own in-house programs, we are always open to working with startups and ecosystem partners outside of our incubator.

Our dream is to build a hub of innovation where different players collaborate by offering their expertise as a way to solve tangible and meaningful problems.

Our Academic Roots

FAITH (www.firstasia.edu.ph)

A premier institute of higher learning and research located in progressive Tanauan City, which is part of the emerging Greater Lipa area of Batangas.

FAITH provides a strong liberal education based on the seamless integration of science, technology, and the humanities.

Brainsparks makes concrete the Institute's mission to promote intellectual leadership and sustain a humane and technologically driven academic community where members work and learn together to become globally competitive.

Our Industry Roots

First Asia (​www.firstasia.com.ph​)

A Philippine-based venture capital company that operates more as a direct investment holding company with an investment portfolio across a variety of industries such as in the following:

  • Freight
  • Real estate and asset management
  • Publishing and e-learning
  • Manufacturing and electronics assembly for export
  • Education
  • Industrial ecozone development
  • Hotel and international hospitality management
  • Aviation.

Our Startups