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change the world.



Are you passionate, creative, and ambitious? Do you want to change the world? Here at Brainsparks, we encourage creativity and innovation. We help people not only realize their ideas, but pursue their passions and do work that makes an impact. Together, let's solve problems, help people, and do something really meaningful. Take plunge and apply to our Entrepeneur University!


Finding partners is a crucial element to success. Be a part of a community of creators, innovators, and passionate professionals determined to do something meaningful. Learn about what other people care about and champion your own cause. Build up your professional and personal network, and perhaps even form your team through our hub, events, and programs. Discover your peers through our Entrepreneur University!

BUILD your own company.

Building a company is hard. It takes more than just talented software developers or marketers to turn your good idea into a profitable company. It takes grit, creativity, expertise and the ability to bring together essential resources to turn your proof of concept startup into a viable business. We mentor, support, and put aspiring entrepeneurs and hopeful startups to the test through our Ignition Studio Accelerator Program. Do you have what it takes to execute and realize the next great idea? Take on the challenge and apply today!


We invest in people who want to solve problems and make a positive change in today’s world, in those doggedly determined to make a difference. Got an idea that you think will help a ton of people? Are you willing to pursue every opportunity to make it work? Through our Ignition Studio Accelerator Program, Brainsparks provides the seed funding to passionate and capable teams who need help getting their idea off the ground. Apply today!

GROW with us.

Success is about continuous improvement, developing and deepening expertise, experience and connections. Whether it's growing your own company or your individual skills and connections, be a part of the Brainsparks Community and let's grow and share the experiences together. Apply today!



We're here looking for Startups and people who want to try something new. Join our community, be part of our network and programs, home your strengths and develop new skills - whether you're an aspiring startup founder or someone looking for new meaning to their work and career, we're here to help you make it happen. Apply now and let us know if you're a founder or talented team member to get started!