We're in the business of finding, nurturing and hatching great ideas and talent.

At Brainsparks we encourage and support creativity and initiative. We're looking for people who want to solve problems and make a difference. By using Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Customer Discovery Principles, we'll help you figure out what you can do to create value out of your ideas and skills. We help you find your audience'whether it's your customers, a startup, or a company' who tell you whether what you are creating or doing is valuable.

Passion + Ideas + Ambition


Connect with us, become part of our community and find the resources you need and the whole startup scene.

Work with us and:

  • Join our Entrepreneur University and go beyond textbook and classroom learning. Learn technical and practical skills, solve real problems and experiment with your business ideas using our evidence based program.
  • Find a mentor and get coaching from experienced managers, specialists and entrepreneurs. Get the support you need for legal, finance, marketing, and hiring matters.
  • Drop by the BITSPACE Co-working office. Reserve a seat, book a meeting room, lease a team office space as you need, quick, easy and affordable.
  • Find the latest events and meet the key players in the start-up scene, we're well connected (check our calendar of events), often times besides what you know, success is also about who you know.

Keeping you connected to everything.


Lengthen your market runway, speed toward success and achieve take-off velocity.

Starting up is a risky business. We help people increase their chance for success with our expertise and support. We're committed to this and every year we fund at least 10 startups through our Ignition Studio Accelerator Program.

At the end of the day, we're also committed to helping startups take the next step. By using Innovation Accounting, Validated Learning, and proactively looking for strategic partners, we do our best to help startups get traction, refine their business model, establish a track record, and find their next strategic opportunity or partner.

Be Different. Bigger Possibilities.

We bring together innovators, visionaries, entrepreneurs, talent, technology, startups, companies, and investors so we can team up to create solutions, value, and jobs.

Brainsparks is an innovation and startup hub established by the First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities (FAITH), run in close partnership with First Asia Venture Capital Inc (First Asia). Brainsparks brings together the research and innovation from FAITH and the startup community, as well as expertise and experience in commercialization of First Asia and the business community, to create a hub for innovation and startups where we turn ideas, skills and talent into value, jobs.
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    Meet our Team

    Our team is composed of a group of forward minded, courageous thinkers and doers committed to taking up the challenges of lasting impact, global dreams and life-long learning.

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    Our Academic Roots

    FAITH is a premier institute of higher learning and research located in progressive Tanauan City, which is part of the emerging Greater Lipa area of Batangas. FAITH provides a strong liberal education based on the seamless integration of science, technology, and the humanities. Brainsparks makes concrete the Institute's mission to promote intellectual leadership and sustain a humane and technologically driven academic community where members work and learn together to become globally competitive. (

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    Our Industry Roots

    First Asia is a Philippine-based venture capital company that operates more as a direct investment holding company with an investment portfolio across a variety of industries such as in freight, real estate and asset management, publishing and e-learning, manufacturing and electronics assembly for export, education, industrial ecozone development, hotel and international hospitality management and aviation. (

Learn. Work. Play. We're in the center of it all.

Brainsparks headquarters can be found in the BITSPACE Coworking office, with locations in both Batangas and Makati. In Batangas we're located at the Citywalk building, part of a PEZA-accredited zone known as the Batangas Innovation and Technology Park (BIT Park), which also forms the outer campus of FAITH. BITSPACE also has a location in Manila at the heart of the business district in Makati.
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Address: 2 President Laurel Highway, Tanauan City, Batangas, Philippines

Phone: Batangas (63 43) 778-0856 / 4136



The FAITH campus can be found in the heart of Tanauan City, a progressive city in Batangas that is just 45 minutes away from Makati via the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and the Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (STAR) Tollway.

Tanauan is a first class city and a major industrial center in the Philippines that cradles industrial parks and a tourism economic zone such as the First Philippine Industrial Park (FPIP); PhilTown Technology Center; Dolores Industrial Park; Data Land Industrial Park; Tagaytay Highlands Tourism Economic Zone; and very soon, the Batangas Innovation and Technology Park. One of the notable and favorite visiting destinations for tourists is Taal Lake.

Talk to us. We'll give you a buzz.

In Batangas, you can find us at the front of First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities (FAITH), 2 President Laurel Highway, Tanauan City, Batangas, Philippines (63 43) 778-0856 / 4136

In Makati, 6th floor of the PDCP Bank Centre, Leviste Corner Rufino Street, the office is a 5 minute walk to Ayala Triangle (632) 892-5462

Work with Us.

We believe we can achieve a lot more by working together than by going it alone, so we're looking for like-minded partners that can see the vision we do. Let's work together to make it happen