Janina Meets Matthew of Skyeye Inc. and an Old 3D Printer

This week I was given the opportunity to meet with and talk to Matthew Cua of Skyeye in order to do some research on current tech startups and to reach out on behalf of Brainsparks. When i was let in to their office, the first thing that caught my eye was the dog that seemed to be just as excited to see me, as I was excited to see them. After realizing that I came here to learn about UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and not to cuddle with a dog for an hour, I snapped out of my puppy-trance and greeted Matthew who was standing at the doorway.


Matthew was extremely accommodating, friendly and humble. During our brief talk, he allowed me to gain some insight on a different perspective on the current tech startup community in the Philippines. From observing and watching Lyle do business, I was quick to assume that most successful startups always implement the Lean Startup Method in some way, shape or form. Even though I do believe that this method exists, Matthew says that his company was an exception. They got into UAVs because they wanted to do research on satellite imagery for areas in the Philippines. They were more focused on research, and when people kept coming back to them for services, then they decided to become a company.




A breathtaking image taken by one of Skyeye's drones, taken from their website! 


After our talk, he gave me a tour of their compound where they actually BUILT the UAV’s for their services. I was trying so hard not to freak out, but it was incredibly difficult because it was just so … ASTIG! I wish I could have taken pictures, but I was too busy taking everything in that I forgot to even ask, haha. It was just amazing to be able to see behind-the-scenes of Skyeye and I am just extremely thankful to have been given the opportunity to do so.


One remark that Matthew made that I had to take note of was that there was not many tech manufactures in the Philippines - they get most of their parts from abroad. This information surprised me, as I thought there would be atlas some local sources of stepper motors, pulleys or chains, but he told me there was not. Later when I tried to check, he was correct. That means we had to order our parts for the 3D Printer as soon as possible. My meeting with Matthew happened last Saturday.


I am here today, at a coffee shop taking advantage of their high-speed internet, and have just received the news that the parts won’t be delivered until the week of August 5th. At first I was disappointed, but now I realize that it won’t be too much of a handicap.



Old Grandpa Printer at FAITH! Looking forward to reverse-engineering this bad boy


We are just going to pivot our focus on completing the CAD assembly by this week, begin machining the custom parts by next week and also possible reverse-engineering the old 3D Printer that we have at FAITH in order to understand the overall mechanism better. By the time the parts come in, we should be prepared enough that we can get it assembled within a week! I am very optimistic and super excited.