Want to be a part of Brainspark 20?

Brainspark 20 is made up of 20 promising startups and their founders. Brainsparks handpicks these startups based on their impressive performance, mission, and ideas.

In turn, Brainsparks invests more attention and fosters closer relationships with the Bitspace 20, giving members easier access to the best support that Brainsparks has to offer.

Our Portfolio Companies

Brainsparks works with and is affiliated to industry experts that startups can tap for guidance and mentorship. It also has linkages to retail businesses and corporate partners.  

Community Development

Grow and develop real and valuable relationships with Brainsparks.

Looking For

LOOKING FOR (LF) is a community networking event where people share their startup stories, get to know each other, and connect to find the help they need. We help people learn and look for mentors, co-founders, employees, and help people make connections and start relationships.


Ideal for men and women business professionals, SMEs and Start-Up owners, Connect is a series of talks where invited speakers present a refreshed view based on observations, learnings and new ways of thinking within their practice, profession and industries. Primarily for knowledge exchange/skill sharing and secondarily to enrich one's network.


Sparkathon is a hands-on innovation hackshop, something in between a workshop and a hackathon. We invite and work with with industry, academe and government stakeholders and representatives to foster common understanding, collaborative problem solving, and innovation culture using Open Source Hardware and innovation methodologies like Design Thinking and Customer Development.

Finding Bitspace


6th floor of the PDCP Bank Centre, Leviste corner Rufino Street, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines

(632) 892-5462

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Citywalk Building, First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities (FAITH), 2 President Laurel Highway, Tanauan City, Batangas, Philippines

(63 43) 778-0856 / 4136

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