Janina Reporting For Duty!

Hi friends, My name is Janina Lindsay Taberna. I was given the opportunity to be a part of the Brainsparks family this summer as an intern. A little background information - I was born in Pasay City, then moved to Toronto with my family when I was five years old. I just completed my 2nd year at the University of Toronto and am currently in pursuit of a BASc in Mechanical Engineering. This year, I was introduced to entrepreneurship and fell in love.


I knew that in the near future I would pursue a startup venture, but always subconsciously assumed that I would be based in Toronto. After becoming aware of the rising wave of tech innovators in Manila, I was immediately intrigued. After doing some additional research, one of the names that stood out was the tech startup incubator, Brainsparks. I really wanted to personally learn more about the tech startup industry here, so I knew I had to reach out.


Brainsparks Makati Office featuring Melissa, my fellow intern.



I will be in charge of taking on two initiatives this summer. Being familiar with and having conducted previous research on current 3D Printing Technology, I was designated to lead a team that will fabricate and manufacture a working 3D Printer prototype for research purposes. The team will be comprised of representatives from First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities (FAITH) and Fastech Synergy Philippines. Another initiative I will spearhead is to put together a workshop or training program for CAD. This program is primarily geared towards the students of FAITH, but can also be extended to internal and external customers.


I will also be doing some personal research on established startups here in Manila on my own initiative because from what I have experienced and learned so far, I am genuinely contemplating returning to the Philippines after grad to pursue a tech-related business venture.


Throughout the week I will be travelling back and forth from Cubao, Makati and Batangas to work on all my projects. In the process, I will also be learning more about the Philippine culture that I missed out on growing up.


I am going to be updating this blog weekly, so be sure to check it out! I will learn to take the MRT, how to use the term “astig” properly, and find which restaurant serves the best mango shakes… all while building a 3D Printer on the side. Haha