ThinkPH and Janina, Co-Founder and CFO of Freelance Interns International

I apologize friends as this blog post is a little late! The past few weeks have definitely been a whirlwind. A couple of weeks ago, Melissa and I were asked to be a part of the VenueOpen Team for a day. VenueOpen is one of the startups that are based in the Bitspace Cowering Office in Makati!


VenueOpen is a corporate supplier of lifestyle gift vouchers. They allow corporates to choose from their curated selection of Hotels, Restaurants and Spas for their Sales, Marketing and HR Incentive programs. 


My name tag for the day! 


Our task was to represent them backstage at Rappler’s #ThinkPH  to the speakers of the event, which included Game Changers in the Philippine Entrepreneurship Ecosystem like Manny Ayala, Nix Nolledo, Inanc Balci, Mitch Locsin and so many more. We were in charge of mostly Word-Of-Mouth Advertising to the speakers as they prepare for or conclude their presentations at #TiinkPH!


We were required to get to Makati by 4:30am. No, that was not a typo. I did mean 4:30 AM. As in 4 hours and 30 minutes after midnight, and also 3 hours before I usually revive from the dead.  A drive from Cubao to Makati usually took 3 hours on a regular work day due to traffic. So we deduced that leaving 1 hour and 30 minutes earlier (aka 3 am) would get us relatively on time for 4:30 am. We were wrong. We literally get there in like TWENTY MINUTES. How did 3 hours become 20 minutes?! What witchcraft was that?! Traffic on EDSA has literally turned a 20 minute ride into almost 3 hours. Oh well, you win some you lose some. There was also a funny joke a friend told me a couple of days ago. He said that if you ever wanted a date to last longer, take EDSA and your date will last forever. HAHA… well, he wasn’t wrong. 

A view of rush-hour on EDSA. Exciting isn't it? Haha


A funny thing that happened during the event - VenueOpen was “partnered up” with YDG Coffee backstage. So when Miguel, owner of YDG, was preparing the coffee, Melissa and I assumed the roles of distractions to the people waiting in line. This became somewhat of a symbiotic relationship, as it allowed us to do our job and network with the game changers as Miguel was able to take a little more time in ensuring their coffee was perfect. I was given the opportunity to also try an Americano from Miguel. Let’s just say that from my 5 coffees of that day, YDG’s was definitely the best (And no, he did not actually pay me for this advertisement… although in he really should hmm).


It was after about 6 different introductions where we had to explain that we were Brainsparks’ interns and not interns VenueOpen, YDG or Rappler that Melissa and I started joking that we were “Freelance Interns” that people can hire for a day. We advertised ourselves as jacks of all trades, but masters of none. Melissa the Anthropology Major and Janina the Engineering major will be able to accomplish any random task that you can possibly request with our collective knowledge as a duo. We eventually selected the name FII - Freelance Interns International. Everyone seemed to either enjoy our joke or think we were absolutely crazy haha. The majority thought we were joking, but to be honest, I am sure we were just genuinely crazy. Maybe it was from the lack of sleep and the excess of coffee.


Our view from backstage of the #ThinkPH event! 


Well, I guess we pitched our concept really well because Miguel of YDG Coffee actually took us up on our offer for interning with Your Daily Grind on the following Thursday. I will update you guys on what happened in my upcoming post. Stay tuned because the next post also involves FII undercover, flying UAVs and finally updates on my 3D Printer! :)