OFF TOPIC MONDAY SPECIAL: Janina's Summary Of Sagada

Disclaimer: This was originally meant to be a 1 page summary of my trip for my boss. I was half joking, half sleeping when I wrote it. Haha, but nonetheless, enjoy :) woohoo


Sagada Reflection


I know you wanted a 1 page summary, but isn’t a picture worth a thousand words!??!!?!!


Just kidding don’t fire me :)


Being asked to write a 1 page summary about Sagada is actually much harder than I thought it would be. There is just so much to describe and explain.. Even pictures don’t do the place justice. Sagada is truly one of those areas where one has to experience on their own in order to truly recognize and appreciate its beauty.


There trip to Sagada was only for a weekend, so considering the fact that just getting there was like a 12 hour drive (plus rest stops), we really tried our best to ensure that the trip was ‘sulit’. We left Manila on Thursday night and got to Banaue Friday morning. We were able to see the rice terraces of Ifugao province! Even though we only stayed to view and take pictures for less than half an hour, it was absolutely breathtaking!


Banaue Rice Terraces!


After a few more hours, we finally made it to Sagada! Right away we just dropped off our bags at the Inn we were staying at and headed over to go explore the Sumaging Caves. Originally, we thought Sumaging meant ‘to become a banana again’ but after realizing that did not really make sense, we asked a local and they said they honestly do not know either. Even their parents didn’t know. Our cave tour guide, Jason, said that it was from a lost dialect of the people of the caves. Anyway, the caves were beautiful as well! It was so fun and I almost died only 6 times! :)


Inside the cave! (haha just kidding this is legit a black square)


The next morning we had to get up at 4am in order to watch the sunrise at Kiltepan mountain! It was amazing. That is all I can say about it because any attempts I make at trying to even conceptualize just how beautiful it was would probably ruin it. So instead, here is a picture to show you. Though I still think a picture isn’t enough to fully captivate the beauty of that mountaintop.




On that same day, we were told we were going to go see the Bomod-Ok falls! Sounds exciting, yes? I thought so too. The tour started off relatively harmless - we got to select a walking stick. I honestly should have been suspicious from there. Anyway, we were told we were going to climb down approx. 2 km in order to see the waterfalls. Even though I was sore from the 7 hour cave expedition and multiple near death experiences we had yesterday, I figured I could another give 2 kilometres in order to sight see. Well, I figured wrong. This 2km downhill trek was actually a 2 hour death trap, and the 2km climb back up was a 3 hour midlife crisis where we literally gave up multiple times and attempted to wait for death’s embrace. That is all I have to say about that at this point as I have not yet fully recovered. Anyway, on the bright side - the Bomod-Ok falls was almost worth it all. We were able to stay for an hour at the falls only because we sensed it was going to rain soon. They were absolutely breathtaking as well! Pictures really cannot do Sagada justice! The water was cold enough to make you forget about all the occasions you could have died on the trek down here, but also not too cold to prevent you from lying in the water for about an hour.


It was almost worth it! Haha


All in all, it was an amazing trip. The sights were amazing, but what really made it great was strawberry taho. I can no longer experience joy when having a regular cup of taho. Nothing will ever compare.



Thank you Mr. Taho Man