It Is Almost A Wrap! - Janina's Blog Post #4

Hi everyone! This is currently blog post #4 of my summer internship here at Brainsparks. I am having mixed feelings writing this blog post because I am just taking in that I only have less than two weeks left as an intern here! It is a bittersweet feeling because even though I miss going back to school and all my friends back in Toronto, I am regretful that this summer is coming to an end. It has been such a great couple of months and a part of me wishes it could go on forever!


Last week was my co-intern, Melissa Joseph’s, last week at Brainsparks and this Saturday I took her to the Airport! It was funny because we were outside the airport saying goodbye and hugging in the rain, and it felt like a melodramatic goodbye scene in a korean drama haha.


Anyway, back to my projects this summer! The past few weeks have definitely been exciting. The team has completed the CAD of the 3D Printer (minus the extruder and filament drive mechanism) that we want to assemble after weeks of coordination and adjustments with my colleague MJ that resides in Batangas. We used the conceptualized 3D Printer design that I worked on with a fabulous team of students from my school this year as the starting point and have been constantly making modifications that we found necessary. It’s awesome because I was able to actually witness the big difference in theory and actual application. When we were told to design a 3D printer in school, we obviously did research, but real-life application wasn’t really within the scope of the project. This time around, we had to take other factors into consideration such as overheating, availability of materials and resources that the manufacturing plant has. This was the result!




All the materials and parts we have ordered from Lazada have also come in last week! This week, we are going to machine all the custom pieces we modelled at Firstec Metallics Inc. I am going to be travelling to Batangas tomorrow to finally get this show on the road! I will definitely update you guys on this process.


On the software side of things, my colleague J and I took apart an old 3D printer that First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities was in possession of. I had zero knowledge of circuit boards and all that, so J was talking me through it as we were trying to see what we can salvage from the old printer. It was such a great experience because I feel that I really learn much more efficiently with hands-on work. In the end, we were able to salvage some part of the circuit board.. the actual names of the component escapes me (oops haha). So we took that apart and also a motor for J to test it on. These past few weeks he has been working on the correct wire configurations of the motor and trying to sync it with the arduino software. I am super excited to update you guys on his findings the next time I visit FAITH!




The very same day that I visited FAITH, I was able to be a part of the test flight of the Phantom Quadcopters that FAITH has purchased for an air show they are planning this September! It was such a fun experience! I really wish I could stay in Philippines for a bit longer so I could have had a bigger role in the drone air show and learn about the software aspect of it, but unfortunately, school is starting soon. Haha




Oh, and before this blog post gets any longer and scares you guys, I wanna briefly talk about  our time interning at YDG coffee for a Kickstart Event! It was such a fun time, haha. When I go back home I honestly want to learn the art of being a barista! Miguel tried to teach me how to make latte art! I like to personally think it looks like a shoe, but I will leave it up to open interpretation…. sort of like a Coffee Rorschach Test. Haha