All's Well That Ends Well - Janina's Last Blog Post

This is officially my last entry to this blog series. I had my last day on August 31st  - finally concluding my 11 week internship with Brainsparks.


First things first, I’m sure you guys are interested in the progress with the 3D printer! The fabrication of custom parts began on August 20 at the facilities of Firstec Metallics Inc. It was just super exciting to see something that you designed, planned, collaborated and worked on for weeks finally start to come together. The moment that the concepts you had in mind finally start to become tangible is an indescribable happiness. Okay, it may sound like I am over-romanticizing this whole situation, but I am 100% serious! Haha, sorry but it was just such an awesome day.





The following week, I was able to go visit Firstec Metallics myself and see the majestic EXPERT SV-105, GENINS and “LEADERWAY” High speed CNC machines in action! It was amazing because I walked in to the manufacturing room, and most of the equipment were in the process of fabricating the designs that we have worked on. I was also able to learn more about the process and capacities of automated machining from experienced personnel themselves. By this time, assembly of each component has also began! Super exciting. 




On Friday August 26th, I was also given the opportunity to help Shapecloud during one of their events at UP Diliman Campus. Brainsparks is currently in partnership with Shapecloud in the organization of IDEATE 2016, a 3-part workshop series that will be hosted in our Bitspace. During that day, we were able to just spread awareness about 3D Printing and the services that Shapecloud provides to the UP ARKI (Architecture) Students. We also got to watch a super cool variety show hosted by the organizations within the UP ARKI for the incoming freshmen.




On my last day, I went to FAITH one last time for a meeting with the software head of the 3D Printer and Engineer Bernie to discuss how they are going to finish the printer after I leave. By this time, the mechanical assembly was basically completed, aside from a few missing bolts (YAAAAAAY *cries tears of joy*). The next steps for the project include completing the software side, which I will leave in the capable hands of Engineers Jay and Bernie, and the purchase and addition of the final M3 roundhead bolts.




So Here I am now… finishing up this post as I sit here in the airport waiting for my flight back to Toronto. Sad that one of the best summers of my life is officially ending, but also excited because this summer has motivated me to study so much harder than ever before. Getting a better grasp at mechanical design this summer further fuelled my love for design and innovation. I know that the only way I can pursue this “romance” into the future is to absorb all I can from my undergraduate education.


Anyway, thank you friends for bearing with me during this blog post series. I haven't actually written anything substantial since grade 12 english, I hope it wasn’t too obvious haha.


Goodbye Brainsparks, Manila and the Philippines. Thank you so much for having me.