What We Do

We work with startups.

We help startups of all shapes and sizes. From idea-stage startups to those that are already looking to scale. We do this by working together with other startup ecosystem players to help startups build solutions that work and scale.

How and Why We Do It

We Believe in an Open Door Policy

We really want to solve big problems, and we know we can’t do that alone. That’s why even though we have our own in-house programs, we are still open to working with startups and ecosystem partners outside of our incubator. Our dream is to build a hub of innovation where different players do their part in solving the biggest problems in the country and the rest of the world.

We Run In-house Programs

Brainsparks has in-house programs developed to help early-stage startups


BETA is a different kind of accelerator program. We believe in a “plugged-in mentoring” approach where we spend significant time with startups to really see where we can help them and really provide value. We also provide them access to development programs to help them improve the skills they need to be effective founders. Our startups also get access to our network of partners here and abroad for whatever they need.

Lastly, we give our startups access to a space where they can work and collaborate with other teams. They can choose to either work in Bitspace Makati, or Bitspace Tanauan in Batangas.

The program is 8 months long and is broken down to 2 phases. Phase 1 is 4 months long and the startups are invited to work in the co-working space at no cost. Phase 2 is another 4 months of incubation with the co-working space cost at 50% off. Plus we give the startups the option to pay now, pay later, or pay in equity at 2%.

Startups that apply to BETA must meet the following criteria

- at least one full time founder
- at least one professional founder
- capable of meeting face to face
- has an MVP or Proof of Concept


This is something new that we're still working on. We've seen that startups are usually at different stages and have very different problems. We believe that it's not enough for them to sit down and listen to a seminar or talk. So we have a different way of doing it:

5 sessions of sitting down with a group to listen to a mentor talk about a general topic, and then another 5 sessions where you work 1-on-1 with a mentor that can help you with a very specific problem you have right now. Hence 5x5.

We Grow through Community Development

Looking For

LOOKING FOR (LF) is a community networking event where people share their startup stories, get to know each other, and connect to find the help they need. We help people learn and look for mentors, co-founders, employees, and help people make connections and start relationships.


Connect is a series of talks where invited speakers present a refreshed view based on observations, learnings and new ways of thinking within their practice, profession and industries. Primarily for knowledge exchange / skill sharing and secondarily to enrich ones network. Connect is for men and women business professionals, SMEs and Start-Up Owners.


Sparkathon is Hands-on innovation Hackshop, something in between a workshop and a hackathon. We invite and work with with industry, academe and government stakeholders and representatives to foster common understanding, collaborative problem solving, and innovation culture using Open Source Hardware and innovation methodologies like Design Thinking and Customer Development.

We Share our Co-working Space

BITSPACE is the coworking space of Brainsparks. What is Co-working? Co-working is a shared working environment, a creative and collaborative community, which can help you realize you life's work.

We Provide Funding

How do we choose who to fund?

Well we’re looking for early stage startups with traction and a great team. We’d love to help startups that have been bootstrapping and looking for an angel or seed round to help them to scale.